About Us

EZZOTI is a British luxury brand of fashion and leather goods based in Chelsea, London.
Timeless, elegant and unique designs with meticulous attention to detail lie at the heart of the EZZOTI philosophy. We aspire to provide our customers with the most stunning, elegant and refined designs of superior quality which would be enjoyed for many years to come. Our collection comprises of clean, classic shapes with an emphasis on using only the finest genuine leather in order to offer uncompromised quality.
With the aspiration to create the finest luxury leather bags and accessories, EZZOTI has created timeless pieces inspired by the demands of the modern life. Our exquisitely handcrafted bags are an excellent demonstration of subtle modern twists on classic designs which make them instant timeless pieces. Designed in Britain and crafted out of the finest top grain leather our pieces champion timelessness, longevity, and impeccable quality.
At EZZOTI we aspire to work with only the best in the industry and as a result, we have worked with some of the world’s finest designers and craftsmen to develop our unique designs into stunning timeless pieces.
EZZOTI offers a versatile and elegant range created using traditional methods and meticulous attention to detail which brings together classic design cues with the finest of materials, carefully selected for an understated yet luxurious appearance.

At EZZOTI, we pride ourselves on delivering impeccable customer service that reflects the premium quality of our luxurious bags and accessories. We at EZZOTI are highly proud of our timeless pieces and our customer service team strives to offer our customers with the highest level of service and aims to exceed your expectations in every way.

We constantly endeavor to achieve the highest standards of quality and care, which is why we will always aim to provide our customers with well-informed advice and answer their queries as promptly and efficiently as possible.


We want you to enjoy and appreciate the entire shopping experience with us and enjoy your products for years to come. Most importantly we want you to feel like part of the EZZOTI family.
‘Lastly, we look forward to welcoming you to the EZZOTI family and serving you for years to come’

We at EZZOTI solely craft using the finest genuine leather to create our pieces. Our leathers possess the tightest structure and are sourced with the intention of a lifetime of wear. Every hide is unique and has tonal variations, small marks or scars are natural features and should not be considered faults. 

Your EZZOTI leather bags and accessories will require little care. Most of our pieces have been coated with a gentle protection cream however, it is important that you follow the guidelines below.

Remove dirt build-up by wiping down your bag or leather accessories using soft dry cloth.

Where possible avoid taking your handbag out in wet weather and avoid direct contact with water.
Do not store near heat as this could dry out the leather. Leather is a natural material and with use, your leather products will develop some marks, scratches and can become darker in colour. Don't try and avoid this as it will gradually wear in the leather and will add to the bag’s uniqueness.
Care should also be taken to avoid colour transfer from dark clothing onto light leathers and also from dark leathers onto light coloured clothing.
Your EZZOTI products should provide many years of use if cared for correctly. If you experience any problems, or simply require advice regarding the care, please contact us.